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Jeff Kulesus

Mummy Case | Replica of Nakhtefmut’s Coffin

c. 2000

cartonnage (process using linen soaked in plaster and gesso), plaster, paint

187 x 55 x 40 cm

Level 5 Central, near Ancient Studies Room

This mummy case is a replica of the mummy case of Nakhtefmut, priest of Amun-Re, who lived approximately 890 B.C. in Egypt. BYU acquired the sarcophagus from Jeff Kulesus on August 26, 2002 to honor Hugh B. Nibley, who was a large proponent in ancient studies for BYU and knew a great deal about ancient Egypt. The piece was donated by Gary Gillum, Religion and Ancient Studies Librarian.

The artist, Jeff Kulesus, is now retired in St. George, UT. He created the mummy case in 2000-2001 using 130 pounds of local newspaper. He wondered if BYU would be interested in purchasing it for the Nibley Ancient Studies Reading Room.

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