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Valerie Atkisson

Notation in Time


Giclée print on archival paper. Original gouache drawing, scanned and digitally manipulated.

Print 47.8 x 58.9 cm, frame 56.2 x 70.2 cm.

Music & Dance Area, behind HelpDesk

This print is part of an acquisition of piano pieces titled Mormoniana (New York, N.Y. : Mormon Artists Group Press : Distributed by Mormon Arts & Letters, 2004), page 115. It was commissioned by the Mormon Artists Group (now Center for Latter-day Saint Arts, New York.) Reproduction contained in: Mormoniana (New York, N.Y. : Mormon Artists Group Press : Distributed by Mormon Arts & Letters, 2004) (folded editioned print inside the front cover).

Artist’s statement from Mormoniana: “As I prepared to create the artwork for this volume I came across various historical methods of writing down music. These systems include: ancient Hurrian songwriting instructions, illuminated manuscripts from 1000-1300 A.D., Byzantine chant, early American “sacred harp” notation, and contemporary computer software instructions for musical performance. … All of these marks led me to create a musical timeline … I think of “Notation in time” as a musical improvisation, a riff, if you will, on the musical marks drawn through the centuries and my reaction to them. It was created with a series of gouache drawings that were digitally scanned and manipulated on the computer in order to add further imagery. The work was then reproduced by a Roland giclée process using pigmented inks on archival art paper. Valerie Atkisson, New York, New York, February 1, 2004.”
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Valerie Atkisson lived all over the United States while growing up. When asked where she was from she would reply, “Everywhere.” Her work has been shown at numerous museums and galleries all over the country. She lived in New York City for ten years after graduating from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) with a Masters of Fine Arts. She currently lives in Utah.