Andrew Kosorok + Colin Nesbit


Alchemical Transmutations

On Display

November 3, 2008 – December 2, 2008


L. Tom Perry Special Collections, level 1

The spiritual science of Alchemy, often feared and misunderstood, was used to learn the structure of the universe and the human relationship to the Divine Presence, the Source of it all. Believing that Providence desired humans to return to the Divine Presence, alchemists undertook experiments to transform themselves into a being worthy of this return. The transmutation of base metals into gold was an alchemical allegory of this transformation; the preoccupation with images of death was a reflection of the hope of a Resurrection. The works in this show explore ideas of transformation, purification and resurrection, particularly as represented through the alchemists’ imagery of life and death.

Andrew Kosorok is a certified alchemist through the International Alchemy Guild. He explores symbols and processes of alchemy through classical construction techniques, the design of which reflect European alchemical traditions.

Colin Tuis Nesbit has held a long interest in the American folk tradition of Hoodoo, part of the cultural background of his native Midwest. Like classical European alchemy, the Hoodoo religion believes all substances are imbued with spiritual power.