Group Student Exhibition


Art Across the Majors

On Display

November 15, 2021 – January 14, 2022


Atrium Gallery, level 1

Art Across the Majors exhibits student work that conveys the impressive range of artistic talent found in all majors.  Reflecting this diversity, the collection showcases a variety of mediums from painting to computer programming.  We hope this show inspires you to cultivate your own creativity. As seniors in the Art History program, we have developed a deep love for the visual arts. Art Across the Majors was created in connection with our capstone project.  By highlighting the art created by students across campus, this exhibition  illustrates that anyone can be an artist.

The exhibition was curated by the Art History Student Curatorial Team: Eliana Coy, Grace Kelley, Angelica Kong, Katrina Lee, Brittany Matthews, Nathan Osborn, and Adalie Twede.

Exhibiting Student Artists

Alex Curtis – Computer Science
Daniel L. Aquino – Pre-BFA
Emily Djambov – Pre-Design
May (Chia-le) Lee – Animation
Afton Hulse – Pre-Art Education
Henry Young – Computer Science
Zach Eliason – Bioinformatics
Zach Kelley – Technology and Engineering Studies
Angela Werner – American Studies
Anne Watson – Art History
Nathan Osborn – Economics and Art History
Isaac Broberg – Landscape Management
Cody Copitzky – Accounting
Kaylah Allsop – Communication Disorders
Lily Nash – Media Arts (Film)
Eliza Peterson – Sociology
Mason Schwartz – Pre-Professional Mechanical Engineering
Keonaona Keo – Graphic Design
Sydney Menden – Pre-Graphic Design
Jake Dayton – English
Emily Moffat – Nursing
Kate Salisbury – Advertising
Maddy Peterson – Psychology