Eva Koleva Timothy


Awake My Soul

On Display

August 26, 2020 – December 16, 2020


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

In a world where crises and catastrophe seem to abound on every hand, at times it’s tempting to pull the covers over our heads and say, “Wake me up when it’s all over!”  And yet, it is in these very times of upheaval and change that we are given the greatest opportunity to make a difference on the earth. The most meaningful and interesting parts of our past have always been steeped in the chiaroscuro clashes between light and darkness; times where heroism and sacrifice stand in such stark contrast to hedonism and superficiality. 

This exhibition is about remembering the light we are given to bear and a reminder of the inner peace it can provide in outwardly troubled times. The exhibit draws from two separate series.  The first, titled “Awake”, is a perspective on passion.  It was created in response to the deluge of dulling distractions which seem to lull us into a kind of symbolic slumber. Drawing on the power of nature, wonder and the imagination, this work is a call to discovery of the best that is within us and the world around us. 

The second series titled “The Lord is My Light”, is an intimate portrayal of the Savior and His ministry to each of us as individuals. Following a pre-Raphaelite notion of simplicity and sincerity, faces and tangential figures from the stories are often omitted, leaving the viewer to recreate their own picture, while focusing on the act and personal emotions of the scene. 

It is my hope that this work may become a source of comfort and of courage as we seek to carry Christ’s light so that it may shine in even the darkest of times and places. 
Eva Koleva Timothy 

EVA KOLEVA TIMOTHY grew up under the shadow of communism in Eastern Europe. Yet under the tutelage of her artist father she learned to cherish the pursuit of personal passion and the freedom to view the world for its possibilities, whatever the circumstance. Eva’s European upbringing also led to an early love of history which has had a profound influence on her development as an artist. A Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, Eva is a photographer widely known for her enthusiasm about art’s inherent power to focus, refine, and inspire. A regular speaker on the motivational power of creative learning and artistic vision, Eva’s historically themed photographs have been collected and/or exhibited internationally at various institutions including the The Smithsonian National Museum of American History, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston and Harvard and Oxford Universities.

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