Industrial Design 339 Student Showcase


The Birdhouse Project | Fall 2019

On Display

December 4, 2019 – January 31, 2020


Gallery on Five, level 5

Showcase of final projects by the following students in Professor Bryan Howell’s Industrial Design 339 class:

Baird, Jennica

Boyce, Cassandra

Chambers, Zoe

Cooper, Kameron

Gibbons, Zakary

Giron, Elbert

Hill, Mick

Kwok, Emily

Matheson, Carly

McConkie, Chris

Morgan, Corbin

Morgan, Elias

Peck, Cole

Pettibone, Dax

Prince, Samantha

Robinson, Monika

Stowe, Kayla

Tollestrup, Taylor

Wilcox, Jacob

Xiong, Paul

Zimmerman, Hailey