Book Bound

On Display

January 14, 2010 – March 31, 2010


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

Bound ‘ba?nd adj [ME bounden, fr. pp. of binden to bind]

1: secured within a cover, as a book
2: headed in a specific direction: Those who journey into the world of bookbinding are bound for a unique artistic experience where creativity can be expressed through techniques, materials, formats, and content.
3: tied, connected: Book artists soon find themselves bound to the challenge, satisfaction, and joy of creating a book by hand.

The art and craft of bookbinding is as old as the writing of books. Once a restricted and relatively obscure craft, bookbinding and artist books have exploded into mainstream art.

This exhibit featuring the work of recent students and faculty of Visual Arts 330: Bookbinding is evidence of the strong interest in and passion for handmade books at Brigham Young University.