Christina Q Thomas Maloy



On Display

January 22, 2016 – March 31, 2016


Gallery on Five, level 5

Bookmobile began in the Garden of Eden… or thereabouts. In 2010, I was obsessed with making tiny serial bindings disguised as vintage cereal boxes. Some of these books materialized into a mobile, “The Tree of Forbidden Fruit,” and Bookmobile was born. Since then, I have made a hobby of twisting, squishing, and squeezing meaning out of the words “book” and “mobile.” Crafting those meanings into three-dimensional works of books and mobiles (or both, or neither) has led to an ever-growing list of playful possibilities. These eleven pieces are just a handful of ideas from that list. Much like the Garden of Eden, this is just the beginning.

Christina Q Thomas Maloy was first trained as a book repair technician while a BYU student from 2000–2004. She later completed the two-year bookbinding program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston from 2006-2008. She joined the Harold B. Lee Library staff in 2009 as the Book Repair Assistant. In July 2013 the staff of the Lee Library Conservation Lab welcomed her as one of their full time book conservators. While conservation dominates her work, Christina finds time in the remaining nooks and crannies of daily life to let her bookbinding imagination run wild—unless it’s one of those not-so-rare days where she wants nothing to do with books and would rather garden or hike.