Kaylan Buteyn



On Display

March 17, 2023 – May 17, 2023


Gallery on Five, level 5

Artist’s Statement

The art I make functions as portals; linking people, places and perceptions. I believe materials hold memory and through my art practice I investigate physical representations of generational care. My process is multi-faceted including quilting, sewing, painting, dying, gluing, stitching and more; creating layered compositions often stretched as paintings, built up on panels, or installed as hanging quilts. I include domestic textiles from my Grandmother’s generation that root the work in the past but I combine them with the language of paint and abstraction. Bold color and heavily applied paint juxtaposes ripped, faded and torn fabric. The work serves as an investigation of knowing, of rooting, of finding – myself, my memories, my mother, aunts and grandmothers. How can one life deteriorate as another begins? How do generations intertwine and intersect? Can color and fabric combine in ways that reflect notions of our future and past selves? How do beings exist in overlapping segments of time and space, like textiles collaged or sewn together, old and new? I am cultivating a collective knowing, a continual conversation, and investigating my generational legacy through craft, textile, paint and collage.