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Jennifer Eichelberger

Children Folk Tails of America

April 5, 2006 – April 28, 2006

Juvenile Literature Gallery, level 4

Bill Grogan’s Goat

This is a tail about a goat that eats his master’s shirts, and receives the ultimate punishment. Bill Grogan ties his goat to the railroad track to teach him a permanent lesson. But just when all seems hopeless Bill Grogan’s goat coughs up the three red shirts and flags the train.

Old Man Duncan’s Carrot

Almost over night a giant carrot springs up in Old Man Duncan’s garden. It brings him fame beyond what he could ever imagine. But it doesn’t bring him happiness until he learns to share his abundance with others.

The Big Mouth Frog

Now days it is some times hard to know just how to raise your kids even down to knowing what to feed them. Such is the problem that faces the Big Mouth Frog. The Big Mouth Frog goes along asking several kinds of animals what food to feed her own children, until at last she meets a crocodile. It’s a narrow escape for her when she learns that the crocodile feeds her children big mouth frogs.