Melissa Esplin


Compositions in Vinyl

On Display

March 30, 2007 – April 26, 2007


Hallway Gallery, level 2

BFA Illustration Final Show

“Policing the borders of what you understand to be your discipline is such an old fashioned thing to do. For one thing it assumes that you actually know where they are.”
-Alex Coles

The border between painting and graphic design appears stark and easily defensible at first glance. Painting involves paint. Graphic design involves computer software. Painters want their work to signify something more than decoration. Graphic designers want instant visual appeal and accessibility for their audience.

In the beginning, I felt pressured to choose between painting and design; but the dichotomy is false. I am a product of two backgrounds, I see no reason why both cannot peacefully coexist as one delightful final show.