Sabrina Squires


Diverse Patterns

On Display

April 4, 2006 – May 1, 2006


Hallway Gallery, level 2

My paintings are made of colors and patterns. The entire pursuit is a set process that I do over and over again, and it is this constancy that allows for so many outcomes. I begin with a layer of sanded collage that provides the foundation of color and pattern. On top of this I add layers of shamrocks (I am not Irish—the beautiful shape of the plant is my connection to it) and decorative patterns copied from houses and furniture. Finally, I add layers upon layers of paint to build depth and accentuate the existing colors and patterns. At the beginning end of being an artist, I see these patterns as a foundation for something more in the future. I enjoy working with the support of patterns, and spending so much time with them reminds me of the structures that facilitate our variety as individuals. Parents use traditions and repeated occasions to raise their children, and these patterns are handed down through generations to define family relationships. This show celebrates pattern’s sustaining capacity and the experiences that it makes possible.