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E3: BYU Student Video Game Showcase

July 23, 2019 – December 2, 2019

Gallery on Five, level 5

Come play video games!

This exhibition showcases four video games directed and produced by BYU Center for Animation students. These are examples of the types of games winning top national competitions and the success of BYU students. The exhibition was organized by professor Seth Holladay, Animation program.

  • Relic Hunter In a futuristic Indiana Jones-esque adventure, a space adventurer seeks alien relic treasures in ancient ruins, only to find it has been overrun by dark creatures… and there are more than monsters and relics waiting.
  • Nokbak Nokbak is a first-person multiplayer arena shooter… with a twist! In this sport, built for 2-8 players, players don’t shoot to kill, but rather find themselves frantically trying to knock each other off of an arena in the sky.
  • Beat Boxers Beat Boxers is the world’s first Rhythm-Fighting Game. In order to win, players have to attack to the beat of the music. The closer you hit, the stronger your attacks. Keep up the rhythm and “beat” your opponent! Boxers/
  • Avast Ye In this video game “ant-venture”, pirate around as Captain Kate, leading your miniature crew of pirate ants through the oversized undergrowth to recover a stolen booty from enemy bugs.

For years, BYU animation was principally known for its animated film projects. As video game studios started showing interest in their graduates, BYU’s potential for putting students into the gaming industry became clear. Here was an opportunity to affect an influential industry for good!

BYU animation began making a yearly game capstone project to better prepare students for the video game industry. The question was, could animation have success in games? A strong measure of success is the E3 College Game Competition. Making it to E3 as a top 5 finalist is a huge deal for our students building game projects. E3 is the top video game trade show, and its college competition is the most prestigious video game competition for universities in the nation.

Each year, they target over 300 schools, and only select 5 to display their game on the E3 floor. This includes graduate programs, all the top schools in the nation. BYU has shown on the E3 floor 4 times! There is only one other university in the nation that has shown at E3 more than BYU has!