Miriam Rasmussen


Heaven And Hell: The Changing Face of Romania

On Display

August 17, 2009 – October 29, 2009


Hallway Gallery, level 2

The recent story of Romania is one of loss, discovery and hope. I chose to exhibit these photos to bring light to an often disregarded, chastised and forgotten country. As a former LDS missionary to the country, I returned to Romania during the Summer of 2009 to work as a teacher for an orphanage summer camp. Through my return experience I saw the changing face of a country emerging from a childhood of strict communism to an adolescence of prosperity and change. I am driven to exhibit these photos because of my deep and abiding belief that the human spirit is capable of far more than we give it credit for. Current situations in Romania are difficult but the Romanian people are surviving; in a time of extreme change they have no option but to rise or to fall, some to heaven and others to hell.