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Emily Maud Snow

Iceland Through the Eyes of William Morris

October 2, 2015 – November 2, 2015

North Gallery, level 2

Iceland Through the Eyes of William Morris is an educational exhibition which brings to life William Morris’s investment in the sublime beauty and unique culture of Iceland and their effect on his art. The connection between Morris’s Arts and Crafts movement work and Icelandic travels has surprisingly not been considered by art historians. This project aims to provide important insight on this facet of Morris’s career. In the spring of 2015, I followed William Morris’s 19th-century footsteps through southwestern Iceland, photographing landmarks mentioned in his journals and considering their impact on his aesthetic development and philosophical perspective. Iceland Through the Eyes of William Morris showcases my research on the subject, my photographs of Iceland, and excerpts from Morris’s Icelandic Journals.

Emily Snow, a native of Provo, graduated with a B.A. in Art History and Curatorial Studies. Her academic focus is the Arts and Crafts movement—specifically the relationship between William Morris’s textile designs and Icelandic travels, the topic of her senior thesis paper and presentation. During the spring of 2015, Emily received a grant to visit Iceland and expand her thesis project. Her photography and research from the excursion are the subject of this educational exhibition,Iceland Through the Eyes of William Morris. Emily was also selected to attend a course at Sotheby’s Art Institute in New York City, participated in an art history study abroad program in northern Europe, and has worked on campus as a graphic designer, art history teaching assistant, and museum intern.