Lili Hall


In Other Words

On Display

May 8, 2007 – June 18, 2007


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

BFA Final

The human mind is wired to find patterns and to make sense of what we hear and see. When we encounter two things that do not logically belong together, we search for connections between the two until we have created a context in which both ideas can coexist. “In Other Words” is an exploration of this human trait.

The ideas and opinions expressed in this book came from a thrift store. Each phrase was once a source of guidance to the now-anonymous people who underlined them in numerous self-help books. Later the books were tossed out. I collected these highlighted gems of wisdom and strung them together somewhat haphazardly to create an entirely new text.

As I designed the book, I placed hundreds of dingbats into the text. These tiny illustrations serve as placeholders, preserving the original sentence fragments. For the most part, the dingbats do not relate directly to the text, but they provide an additional, pictorial layer of potential context to the book. The synthesis of words and imagery into a narrative is left to the reader.

The artwork itself is a synthesis of the printed text. I drew the typefaces in different scales and arranged the shapes to create abstract environments that echo the fragmented nature of the text. In other words, the thematic ambiguity of the artwork complements the text, both aesthetically and conceptually. In response to content without context, the mind creates patterns that restructure all aspects of the book into a coherent narrative.