Industrial Design 339 Student Showcase Fall 2020


The Birdhouse Project | Fall 2020


INDES 339, History of Product Design

Cultivating insights into why key historical and contemporary design movements and artifacts impact culture, remain relevant over time, and inform current design conventions, enables students to navigate their own design work into a meaningful context. Designing a simple object like a birdhouse allows students to explore various periods or ideals and frame their design based on a philosophy rather than commercial success and acceptance.

The task is to design of a Birdhouse as if they were in the mind of a historic or contemporary notable designer of their choosing. They should understand and adopt the motivations, context and design philosophy of their designer to inform their birdhouse design. Students should explore multiple concepts that convey the essential, “what’s and why’s” of their designer.

Once students have a concept they are happy with, they develop it into a final birdhouse design and explanatory poster presentation. This final design can be a CAD rendering, a physical manifestation or both. The goal is to create a portfolio piece that will lead to a discussion about historic and contemporary designers and how their work influences you as a designer while demonstrating your design skills.