Mehdi Alamdary


Manifestations of Love and Beauty Iranian Engravings

On Display

November 14, 2014 – January 9, 2015


North Gallery, level 2

The engravings in this exhibit are part of the Mary and Hooshang Farahnakian collection of artifacts from Iran. The artist, Mehdi Alamdary, is an internationally known Iranian engraver and a friend of the Farahnakians. He produced these images, all hand-made, from pictures of the LDS Church Presidents sent to him by Hooshang. The medium is silver-plated copper and the outside frames are similar for the last 15 presidents but the inside design is unique for each one, created by the artist. The outside frames were produced by Krieger-Ricks Frame Company in Springville. The engraving of Joseph Smith is sterling silver with a frame of Middle Eastern design made of inlaid wood, ivory, and brass, each piece individually set. This is the first time the entire collection has been shown in an exhibit.