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Lauren Larsen


On Display:
July 8, 2022 – August 19, 2022

Atrium Gallery, level 1

“Reading a story is like being invited into another world; the author creates the story, hosting an experience for the reader. In this show, I would like to share my experience in Brandon Sanderson’s novel Mistborn: The Final Empire. To me, the action and political intrigue in Mistborn are like a dangerous dance. There is elegance and mystery enveloped within a tyrannical world.

I decided to visually present the story as if it were a cinematic video game. Playing story-driven games with movie-like cutscenes is the closest comparison I’ve found to my experiences with novels. You are immersed into a world where your choices matter. You are the main character and can feel those triumphs and defeats. Using visual fragments of the story such as illustrated concepts of cutscenes, lighting within the world, and prop design, I want to share my personal journey through the world of Scadrial, exploring themes of danger masked by beauty and, more importantly, finding the light even in the darkness.”

“Before coming to BYU, I started as a studio artist at BYU-Idaho and later studied Chinese at CNU in Beijing. I am currently finishing up my BFA in Illustration. My emphasis is on conceptual work for entertainment media. Personal work has been featured in the HFAC gallery shows such as the “Journey” exhibition in 2019, as well as student figure drawing shows. Outside of school, I have contributed illustrations for New World Archaeological Foundation publications and have also designed packaging used by the BYU Store.”