Zack Taylor


Mormon Ex-Convicts

On Display

April 11, 2008 – May 30, 2008


South Gallery, level 2

BFA Project

There is a certain social stigma that follows Ex-Cons. Many who have served time refer to themselves as being ‘locked out’ of mainstream society upon their release from prison. Using photography as a vehicle, I wanted to address this gap between society and its criminals within the scope of my religion. Mormon Ex-Convicts is a work that assesses the impact that a criminal history has upon church membership. It is a call to mainstream LDS society to extend a hand of fellowship to those who have been marginalized by our conservative culture.

The portraits included in this exhibit, with the exception of Red and Gordon, are of individuals who responded to flyers I placed with various rehabilitation groups and parole offices. I had no preconceptions about how my subjects should look; I simply photographed whoever called me. Their appearances vary greatly, as do their histories and current situations. They share the common task, however, of reconciling their criminal pasts with the LDS culture in which they live.

— Zack Taylor, April 2008