Lenka Konopasek



On Display

January 7, 2005 – January 31, 2005


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

My paintings are most of all about beauty. They reflect my relationship with painting as a way of looking at and experiencing the world around me. They are also about the tradition of the painting discipline and its craft. On one hand, these paintings make a mockery of painting; on the other, they represent my love for painting.

The images in my paintings are solid glimpses of memory; they are out of focus, out of reach. They pose the question of what is real, what is the hybrid of the real, what is the imprint of the hybrid. I am playing with my own memory and perception. Through the generic, I am going toward specific encounters, bits of memory that come into focus and disappear again. I am interested in how a person retains a specific memory, how objective or subjective the memory becomes, and how selective our memory is. Is there perhaps a link between memory and the creation and maintenance of identity, its origin and construct?

The objects and paintings relate to each other using the idea of memory and mimicry. Paintings mock the reality of the real objects by imitating and copying them. The real objects resemble, in appearance, images from paintings. They both represent the mental recollection of real experience transformed many times through different screens of consciousness.