Monika Ottehenning



On Display

April 1, 2016 – May 3, 2016


Gallery on Five, level 5

BFA Final Show | Photography

My curiosity for the “parkies” and their trailer park has evolved over years of contact with them. My fascination with a college experience so different from my own has led me to wander not only about my own five-year growth in this particular university, but also how community itself, especially a seemingly fringe one, portrays its dwellers with something so unique and positive.

The “parkies”, like many misunderstood communities, are at risk for extinction, with this deeply distressing future. Photography, as a journalistic medium, has given me a real reason to learn about this group of UC Santa Cruz students in a more meaningful way. This group of college students is just like everyone else, and like everyone else, they have their own stories to share.