Guild of Book Workers Rocky Mountain Chapter



On Display

January 9, 2017 – March 28, 2017


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

Souvenir is a traveling exhibit of twenty-six books bound by twenty-six members of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

The Guild of Book Workers was founded in 1906 to “establish and maintain a feeling of kinship and mutual interest among workers in the several hand book crafts.” The Guild still believes, as did its founders, that there is a responsibility among civilized people to sustain the crafts involved with the production of fine books.

See also the online catalog of the traveling exhibit with the artists’ statements and images of each work.

Artists featured in the exhibit:

  • Alicia Bailey
  • Pamela Barrios
  • Patty Bruce
  • Coleen Curry
  • Ethan Ensign
  • Sue Gillym
  • Jo Hamilton
  • Karen Hanmer
  • Deborah Horner
  • Lang Ingalls
  • Peggy Johnston
  • Karen Jones
  • Paula Jull
  • Ginny Kilander
  • Beth Krensky
  • Sammy Seung-Min Lee
  • Pamela Leutz
  • M.P. “Patty” McAuliffe
  • Christopher McAfee
  • Elizabeth McKee
  • Richard Pollock-Nelson
  • Marnie Powers-Torrey
  • Renny Russell
  • Priscilla Spitler
  • Christina Q Thomas Maloy
  • Jim Welker
  • Pamela Wood