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Daniela Maria Ferreira

Stranger in a Strange Land

April 6, 2018 – May 18, 2018

North Gallery, level 2

“I am neither here nor there”. Belonging to both North and South America, my nationality is conflicted and dissonant. So too follows my artwork in hoping to find the balance, if it even exists, of multiculturalism and the ever-present drive to finally feel at home. Thinking in English, responding in Spanish, distrusting the Colombians and mocking the Americans, are all vital dualities that help me better find who I really am. As we continuously jump from world to world, I try to present the displacement, transformation and adaptation a foreigner feels in a new environment. My artwork is not about home, it is about the hopeless need to define and find it. And after all who hasn’t felt like a stranger in a strange land?

Daniela Maria Ferreira is a Brigham Young University student studying Studio Arts with a minor in Art History and currently working in ceramics, metallurgy, painting and mixed media. Ferreira has completed various courses at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center, Florida, and her previous work has focused on the physical and psychological interpretations drawn from hand gestures. Ferreira is currently working on the concept of multiculturalism, specifically on the border between feeling at home, and feeling a foreigner. Her work has been greatly influenced by her multicultural home, physical ailments and vivid flora and fauna found in both Colombia and in USA.