Suzie Gerhardt's Visual Arts/ Illustration 210 Class


Student Projects

On Display

March 27, 2008 – April 22, 2008


Juvenile Literature Gallery, level 4

To communicate a story, an idea, an opinion is an illustrators task. Each illustrator saw the story differently, told the story differently, and communicated the story differently. Together they communicate a story of fortune, luck and greed. And in the end of all Grimm Brothers’ tales the greedy character found misfortune and the hero saved the day, got the gold and the princess too. The project was to illustrate a Grimm Brothers tale using a tool unfamiliar and foreign to them, the computer. In the past and up until the very near, illustrators have relied on the traditional tools available for artists to render this visual communication. The phrase “teaching a dog new tricks”, is rather apropos for the modern illustrator. Up until a few years ago computer illustration was young and not taught in higher education.

Illustrators today are just now learning and utilizing the digital tools available to them. This illustration class is learning how to transfer their ideas, creativity, and talent to this new format. For some it’s easy and for others harder to transpose to the digital technology. But they are learning that no matter the format or medium they use, the basic principles remain the same. Good communication, composition, color, value and craftsmanship are essential for a good illustration.

Our class hopes you enjoy our visual representation of the Brothers Grimm tale “The Devil’s Three Gold Hairs”.