Brandon Boulton, Janna Siebert, Shae Warnick, Nathan Williams, Robert Williams


Systems of Material Inquiry

On Display

April 1, 2017 – April 28, 2017


North Gallery, level 2

Every person on earth is intimately dependent on interconnecting environments for survival. The all-encompassing set of realities that we call nature is so complex that it is unobservable in its totality.

If science takes a concrete and utilitarian approach to answering questions about material reality, art has its own approach to the world, which strives to ask questions which are relative and variable according to the experience of the viewer. Art has no boundaries giving it freedom to touch the observable world while simultaneously straying beyond its confines, just as Plato’s formsI transcend the observable world.

Each artist in our exhibition has developed systems of observation applied to nature, phenomenology (how we experience) and overlap in some way with scientific methods or concerns in the development of their work. This exhibition explores aspects of art and nature though, a systematic lens. We hope to engage the viewer in our personal experiments undertaken for the sake of beauty and knowledge.

  • Brandon Boulton
  • Jana Siebert
  • Shea Warnick
  • Nathan Williams
  • Robert Williams

Department of Art students | Brian Christensen’s class