Industrial Design 339 Student Showcase


The Birdhouse Assignment | 2016

On Display

December 7, 2016 – January 30, 2017


Gallery on Five, level 5

The Birdhouse Assignment

Designer Statement: Select a favorite contemporary or historical designer from those studied in class. Apply yourself to the design of a Birdhouse as if you were that designer. Your audience should be able to identify your designer based upon the persuasive content of your final design.


  • Taybor Abplanalp
  • McKay Anderson
  • Andy Bryce
  • Hannah Cardall
  • Seth Hatch
  • Taylor Hooker
  • Carson Jardine
  • Sam Lew
  • Michael Munton
  • Kyle Murray
  • Rachelle Openshaw
  • William Pusey
  • August Simmons
  • Daniela Turner
  • Judith Westwood