Industrial Design 339 Student Showcase


The Birdhouse Project | Fall 2021

On Display

December 16, 2021 – February 18, 2022


Gallery on Five, level 5

Industrial Design 339 was taught by Professor Bryan Howell. The work exhibited in the library is the final project by the following nineteen students. The class Instagram link is HERE, please join and make comments on their work!

Alex Bay

Logan Bushman 

Bowen Byers

George Davies

Meghan Draper

John Hanni

Isaac Hiller

Asa Jackson

Grace Kilbourn

Grant Lyman

Mary Martin

Avery Meanea

Derek Norby

Addie Payne

Rebekah Rawlings

Rebecca Thaden

Ally Wagstaff

Alek Wallin

Ethan Willder