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Kirsten Mak

The Space in Between

August 18, 2014 – September 5, 2014

Gallery on Five, level 5

Visual Arts: BA Final Project

I am concerned about personal identity and how experiences changes us, as someone who relocate often will sometimes lost the perception of where ‘home’ is. Anything that defines personal identity arouses my interest and thus this character is reflected in my artwork.

I am interested in showing others personal intimate feeling in my artwork. I think a lot of my works are influenced by things that surround me, people I met and places I have been to. I am often surprised by how ordinary daily things inspire us, especially conversations between people.

The art I make consists of a lot of different mediums and topics concerning things happening around me by my daily observation, especially the relationship and connection between people and culture.

I had the chance to relocate to different countries and cities since I was a teenager which changed the way I see and thus my works are influenced by things surrounding me, people I met and places I have been to. Growing up in a big city that never sleeps, where strangers walked pass each other everyday minding their own business; to moving to a small town where everyone knew their neighbors living in the same area, I wonder how people can connect even without mutual experiences or belief.

After visiting different countries, I realize the one of the biggest barrier between people is language, whether it be the actual language itself or body language. I started studying art not because it had always been one of my interests, but also because I believe it’s an international language that helps me to get my message across. I think everything we learn today is of mutual corporation and by accumulative intelligence.