Richard Gate


various librations

On Display

February 1, 2006 ā€“ February 28, 2006


Auditorium Gallery, level 1

Charm in the physical sense is the attribute of resisting decay, erosion and entropy. All forms to the extent and duration that they exist in time and space exhibit this quality of charm. A particle is a very small piece, part or speck and often its influence is out of proportion to its size. From earth the stars appear as specks in the sky and viruses, though invisible, can have devastating affects. In physics, charm accounts for the longevity of the ā€œJā€ particle.

These paintings are composed of particles swirling and jostling for position and hopefully crystallize into fascinating and pleasing incantations or spells. A painting can be a charm warding off chaos or an amulet against evil or injury. These were painted in a time of increasing turbulence, economic decline, and threat of war and may they cast an alluring and enlivening spell.