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Art History Business Capstone Class Project

Yokai: Modern Monsters

December 1, 2018 – February 15, 2019

Atrium Gallery, level 1


The Art History Business Capstone class present an exhibition which aims to highlight both BYU’s Special Collections and the importance of contemporary art to an audience unfamiliar with the value of current art. To accomplish this, we have collectively decided to showcase one item from BYU’s Special Collections. This will show a small, yet effective sampling of the treasures that are owned, but underutilized by our university. The “Monster Scroll”, also known as “The Inventory of Hobgoblins,” is a Japanese scroll from the Edo period (1603-1868) that has many depictions of yōkai or monsters from Japanese folklore.

We have selected four of these monsters, the nurikabe, akakuchi, yume no seirei, and yako, to serve as sources of inspiration for contemporary artists. We recruited contemporary artists and gave them full reign as far as interpretation and medium. The sole direction given was to interpret our exhibition thesis, which is stated below. Our ultimate goal is to introduce and expose BYU’s student body to the resources available in Special Collections and to the value of contemporary art. We want everyone who leaves our exhibition to contemplate what their “modern monsters” are.

Exhibition Thesis

Our exhibition explores the ancient Japanese “Ghost Scroll” housed in the BYU Harold B. Lee Library L. Tom Perry Special Collections and the modern interpretations created by local contemporary artists as to how modern monsters still haunt us today. Our goal is to show how fear, in this case fear associated with monsters, bridges the gap between cultures and people.

Participating Students

  • Lindsay Boyden
  • Katrina Crandall
  • Moné Eppel
  • Meagan Evans
  • Kassie Hymas
  • Kari Mortenson
  • Hayley Page
  • Jordan Patchell
  • Brookelyn Parker
  • Paige Taylor
  • Necie Young