All art exhibitions in the public spaces in the Lee Library must be approved by the Art in the Library Program Team, who exercises curatorial discretion and will determine if proposed exhibitions are appropriate for the Lee Library setting.

Exhibition applications must be submitted at least 2 months before opening date.

After approval by the AiL Team, the artist will be contacted regarding specific plans for installation and de-installation dates and exhibition layout and equipment/materials needs.

The Lee Library will not display prices for art works. A price list may be submitted to the AiL Team Coordinator and be made available upon request.

After the closing of an exhibition, artists are responsible for picking up their artwork on the day scheduled for de-installation.  If the artist cannot pick up the artworks, he/she must make alternate arrangements before the de-installation date.

The AiL Team will provide:

  • Hanging materials, pedestals, and monitors.
  • Assistance in hanging art works
  • Publicity poster for the library (exhibition posters are property of the Lee Library)
  • Title cards for art works, if desired.

The Lee Library reserves the right to post images of the artwork exhibited in the Library galleries on the Library website for advertising the event and archiving purposes.

* Exhibitions may be cancelled if they do not conform to this policy statement.

Security & Insurance

Brigham Young University and the Harold B. Lee Library do not take responsibility for the security of exhibited items. The Lee Library does not assume responsibility for possible damage or theft of any items on display, or for any injuries associated with the exhibit. All items placed in the Library are done so at the artist’s risk. The University does not offer insurance coverage for the works of art exhibited in the Library. The Library security staff does periodically monitor the exhibition areas.

Exit Control Slip

All students or visiting artists are required to show an EXIT CONTROL MEMO to Security Officers as they exit the building. Such slip will be provided by the AiL Team.